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Disney Monorail Station Comes to the depot district of Lexington NC


In a surprising move, Disney has announced plans to install a non-stop monorail at the new train depot in Lexington, North Carolina. The monorail will run from the depot district of Lexington to Disney World in Orlando, Florida, providing visitors with a unique and convenient transportation option.

The new Lexington train depot, which is set to open later this year, is already generating buzz as a state-of-the-art transportation hub. The depot will feature high-speed trains and advanced amenities, making it a popular destination for travelers nationwide.

Adding the monorail is a major coup for the district of Lexington by revitalizing Uptown Lexington, as it will offer visitors an easy and comfortable way to travel to Disney World. The monorail will run non-stop between Lexington NC, and Orlando, with multiple trains departing daily.

Who’s Paying for the New Disney Monorail?

The city of Lexington has announced that they will be increasing taxes to fund the construction of the new Disney Monorail depot. This depot will serve as a central hub for the monorail system, which is expected to boost tourism and economic activity in the area. 

The decision to raise taxes was not taken lightly, but city officials believe that the long-term benefits of the monorail system will outweigh the short-term costs. The increased revenue generated by tourism and improved transportation infrastructure will help to improve the quality of life for Lexington residents and contribute to the growth and development of the city.

The city of Lexington had a large part of seeing the continued development of Uptown Lexington. When asked by employees of Lexington, we found out while development. City of Lexington Director of Public Relations Brittany Lance said, “I’m over the moon that Disney is bringing their magical monorail to my city. It’s like a dream come true for me, and I can’t wait to ride it and relive my childhood memories all over again!”

Disney is known for its innovative transportation systems, including the iconic monorail that runs through Disney World. The company has also invested heavily in new transportation technology, such as autonomous vehicles and high-speed trains.

Will the New Trains be loud?

The train running through Lexington is a familiar sight and sound for its residents. While it is an important mode of transportation for goods and people, it can also be quite loud and disruptive at times. The only large drawback will be that because of the elevation of the monorail system; these cars will be much louder than a normal train. Due to this, Davidson County will be providing each resident with specially designed Disney ears that will have ear muffs built into them. These must be worn at all times while residents are outside. Davidson County officials have been quoted as saying, “We just got through the mask mandates, so we didn’t think our community would have a problem wearing earmuffs because we told them to.” 

Some residents have gotten used to the noise and consider it a part of the city’s character, while others find it bothersome and disruptive to their daily lives. Despite its noise, the train running through Lexington is an integral part of the city’s history and serves as a reminder of its connection to the rest of the world.

Disney and Lexington Train Depot Partnerships

By partnering with the new Lexington train depot, Disney continues its tradition of providing guests with convenient and memorable transportation options. The monorail will offer a comfortable and efficient ride with stunning countryside views.

The addition of the monorail is also expected to boost tourism in the Lexington area, as visitors worldwide flock to the new transportation hub. The depot is already expected to bring significant economic benefits to the region, and the monorail is likely to attract even more visitors and investment.

Overall, the decision by Disney to install a non-stop monorail at the new Lexington train depot district of Lexington is a significant development for both companies. It demonstrates Disney’s commitment to innovation and providing guests with exceptional experiences while showcasing the potential of the new transportation hub in Lexington. With the monorail set to begin operation later this year, visitors and locals can look forward to a new era of transportation excellence in North Carolina. 

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