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Why should you use a buyer’s agent to buy a house?


A lot of times we hear about home buyers deciding not to hire a real estate agent while trying to buy a home. While we understand the logic behind the reason to not hire an agent but we are here to dispel the misconceptions with an agent representing you as a buyer.

Myth number 1 of why should you used a buyer’s agent to buy a home.

Myth: Not using a buyer’s agent will save commission on the purchase of a home.

This is a common misconception in the real estate market. The truth of the matter is that the agent’s commission is set at the time of the contract of the listing agent.

So if you decide to skip the buyer’s agent then all the commissions will go to the seller’s agent.  This is called dual agency. Instead of saving money you just bought a home with no help from a professional. This is explained with the working with real estate agents paperwork provided to you EVERY TIME  you speak to a new real estate agent.

Myth number 2 of buyer’s agency

Myth: Buyer’s Agents really don’t do much so I don’t need them.

As much as we wish this was the case it isn’t true. While yes with the invention of the internet the role of a Realtor has changed. It’s not as much about finding the properties even though we still scour the internet for properties on the MLS or for sale by owners. We are more involved with the real estate transaction after the potential home has been found with both buying or selling a home.

Agent’s set up home inspections after the dream property was found. Sure you could google home inspectors but how do you know who to use, what types of inspections are required, and what to ask to be fixed after the inspection?

We save our clients a lot of heartache and pain by understanding the reports and also being able to deceiver the inspection report that might look like french to most home buyers. We also don’t have a conflict of interest like a listing agent or seller’s agent would.

Buyer’s Agents speak with mortgage brokers about the best loan types for our clients and how to save the most money for our clients. Did you know that some homes won’t meet some loan requirements? The loan process can be extremely stressful.

Did you know that some lender fees are set by them and not required? Home sales can be like rewiring your electrical system at home. You might get it done with Youtube videos but it’s best to hire a professional that will save you time and money in the long run.

Other top reasons to hire a real estate agent comes

When it comes down to it hiring a Realtor will save you time, money and heartache in today’s ever changing real estate market. Find a buyer’s agent that knows the area. Find a real estate broker that knows what real estate attorneys will do a great job at a great price.

We use Goins Law and they come to our Mantle Realty office in Welcome or the Greensboro office. Even though they are based out of High Point NC.

Don’t worry about the commission fee, at Mantle Realty we don’t get paid until the home purchase is complete. Our agents work hard for our home buyers. So hiring a buyer’s agent, they do so much more than show the home. Mantle agent’s help with home inspections, offer to purchase contracts, loan issues, sale price, attorney issues on title work and so much more.

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