The Top Home Buyers Trend of 2022


Listing agents, as well as sellers throughout the United States, sit and ponder what exactly home buyers want in their home. After Pinterest searching, googling, watching episodes on HGTV & tons of magazine flipping, we finally have an answer. The National Association of Home Buyers found out with their 2021 survey that most home buyers want a laundry room. That’s right, a laundry room.



They like it to be separate in an actual room. 91% throughout this survey said that this was a crucial piece in their home search. The association surveyed over 4000 home buyers by asking about different features. These ranged from outdoor kitchens, spa bathtubs & master suites. All of these features make a home special but the most important in the layout of the home was a laundry room.

Home Buyers have noticed & answered with they are finding ways to make them larger in a home as well as functional ability. These people absolutely adored the idea of a laundry chute. This laundry chute not only allows for easy accessibility but you no longer have to carry those heavy laundry baskets.

They even said they would give up recent top trends such as dog parks, fenced in back yards, wine cellars, outdoor fireplaces & more. They are willing to give all of this up to hide piles of dirty laundry! With this trend, it is now showing that home buyers are looking for convenience over fancy features. So with that being said, builders, make sure there is an actual laundry room in the home!

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