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North Wilkesboro Speedway Moonshine Cave for Sale

Want to buy a Moonshine Cave?

Mantle Realty is thrilled to announce an addition to our exclusive property listings that is truly out of this world—or, should we say, under it! We’ve secured the one-of-a-kind, legendary Moonshine Cave, a long-rumored hideout nestled deep in the heart of North Carolina’s historic NASCAR North Wilkesboro Speedway.

For decades, tales have swirled around the Moonshine Cave, a clandestine sanctuary for the boldest of moonshiners and a secret pit stop for NASCAR legends. Today, we’re inviting you to be a part of this illicit history, offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own a piece of American folklore. 

A Cave of Wonders… With a Few Conditions

Mantle Realty takes pride in finding the perfect match for every unique property, and the Moonshine Cave is no exception. In keeping with the spirit of its storied past, we’re setting a few… let’s call them “creative” conditions for potential buyers:

No Law Enforcement Officials: In honor of the cave’s rebellious roots, we believe it’s only fair to maintain a strict “no cops” policy. After all, some traditions are worth preserving.

Craft Brewers, Think Again: Given the cave’s historical use for moonshining, we’re putting a playful ban on craft brewers. We’re looking for buyers who appreciate the cave’s legacy—without the temptation to turn it into the next hipster brewery hotspot. Here’s looking at you, Goose and the Monkey Brewhouse

How to Buy the North Wilkesboro Speedway Moonshine Cave…

To purchase the Moonshine Cave, one must navigate a labyrinth of unconventional payment methods. Imagine bartering with artifacts of equal historical significance, such as vintage NASCAR memorabilia, rare moonshine recipes from the Prohibition era, or even offering a year’s supply of gourmet, hand-crafted jerky.  A quest not for the faint of heart, acquiring the Moonshine Cave demands creativity, a sense of adventure, and bitcoin, yea a whole lot of bitcoin.

Features You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

Owning the Moonshine Cave isn’t just about having a cool story to tell; it’s about embracing a lifestyle. This exclusive listing comes with:

Secret Tunnels and Hidden Rooms: Perfect for your private speakeasy or an unforgettable game of hide-and-seek.

An Authentic Moonshine Still: A nod to the cave’s original “occupants.” (Disclaimer: Mantle Realty does not endorse illegal activities. Please enjoy responsibly and legally.)

Echoes of NASCAR Legends: Feel the adrenaline rush as you walk the same hidden paths once used by racing’s greatest heroes.
Interested? Act Fast!

This unique listing is expected to go fast. Interested parties should reach out to Mantle Realty with haste—and perhaps a good story about why you’re the perfect steward for this piece of Americana.

Remember, while we may not be able to sell the Moonshine Cave to police officers or craft brewers, we’re eager to find a buyer who shares our enthusiasm for history, mystery, and a touch of good-humored rebellion.

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