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Home Inspections You Should Do


One crucial step that should never be overlooked when buying a home is the question of what home inspections you should do. These inspections are not just about checking boxes. They’re about peeling back the layers of the property to uncover the stories and secrets each home holds—be it the whisper of the water heater’s last days or the hidden tales of water damage within the walls.

What Home Inspections You Should Do Checklist

Embarking on home inspections can feel like setting sail on a voyage of discovery. Armed with your home inspection checklist, you’re not just looking for a house; you’re searching for a home for your future. The checklist is your treasure map, guiding you through the different parts of the home to scrutinize.

  • Water Heater and HVAC System: These are the heart and lungs of the home, essential for comfort and survival. Your inspector will check these for efficiency, age, and potential safety issues.
  • Electrical Panel and Wiring: To avoid living in a potential tinderbox, the electrical system must be sufficient for daily use, up to code, and free of hazards.
  • Foundation and Structure: The bones of the house should be strong and stable; any signs of weakness here can spell significant trouble down the line.
  • Roof and Exterior Walls: These protect you from the elements. Issues here can lead to water damage, a notorious silent destroyer.
  • Radon Testing: Invisible but dangerous, radon testing is a non-negotiable for ensuring the air in your future home is safe to breathe.

Understanding the Home Inspection Report

Once the inspection dust settles, the home inspection report lands in your hands—a document as revealing as a diary detailing the health and secrets of the home. If the inspector finds issues, this report will guide you in negotiating repairs or price adjustments. Parts of the report may highlight red flags, like safety issues or structural damage, which are crucial for making an informed decision.

The Costs and Coverage of Home Inspections

Home inspection costs vary, depending on the home’s size and the inspection scope. While skipping some inspections to save a penny today might be tempting, this could cost a fortune tomorrow. Remember, the home inspection cover is an investment in peace of mind. Whether it’s the standard checks or additional ones like radon testing, every inspection is a step toward securing your investment.

Navigating the Home Buying Process with Inspection Contingencies

Incorporating a home inspection contingency in your purchase agreement is like having a safety net. It gives you the leverage to negotiate repairs or even back out if the home inspection uncovers deal-breakers. Your real estate agent can be your ally here, advising on the best course of action based on the findings.

The Role of Home Inspectors in Unearthing Hidden Issues

Home inspectors are like detectives, trained to spot the subtle signs of problems that may escape the untrained eye. Their expertise is invaluable, from identifying safety issues to assessing the condition of the HVAC system. Trusting your inspector and understanding their findings can significantly impact your decisions during the home-buying process.

Final Thoughts: Ensuring a Smart Purchase with Thorough Inspections

As you stand on the threshold of making one of the biggest investments of your life, remember that the home inspections you should do are not mere formalities—they’re your safeguard against the unexpected. They ensure that the home you fall in love with is as sound beneath the surface as it is beautiful on the outside.

If you are about to purchase a home and are looking for a home inspector, check out our vendor list for several great ones, or just message us if you are looking for a suggested home inspector in another location.

Embarking on the journey of home buying equipped with knowledge, a comprehensive checklist of home inspections you should do, and a trusted inspector by your side, you’re not just buying a house but investing in your future happiness and security. Let the home inspections be your guide to making an emotionally fulfilling purchase and a wise investment for the years to come.

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