Sumner Elementary School

Sumner Elementary School Guilford County: An Education Hub in a Vibrant Community

Welcome to a comprehensive look at the wonderful education facility nestled in the heart of the Carolinas. We’re talking about none other than the Sumner Elementary School Guilford County, a thriving learning institution that embodies the spirit and culture of North Carolina. Coupled with a desirable real estate market, it’s a perfect place to settle down for families with education at the forefront of their minds.

Sumner Elementary School: Nurturing Future Generations

At the heart of Guilford County, you’ll find the notable Sumner Elementary School. Known for its commitment to excellent education, the school prides itself in fostering an environment that encourages academic growth, creativity, and the values of teamwork. From the early years of kindergarten to the pivotal fifth grade, children are nurtured to reach their full potential.

With a vibrant and active Parent-Teacher Association, the community around Sumner Elementary School is highly involved and continuously invested in creating a better learning environment. Whether it’s through fundraisers or volunteering, this community spirit extends beyond the school’s bounds and permeates the entire Sumner area.

Education Guided by Expertise

Sumner Elementary School is a part of the larger Guilford County School System, North Carolina’s third biggest school district. With a forward-thinking curriculum that balances core academics with creative exploration, each student is offered a rich, comprehensive education.

The school is staffed with certified and dedicated educators who bring incredible depth and breadth of knowledge to the school. Their commitment to every child’s success is one of the key reasons why Sumner Elementary School is consistently one of Guilford County’s top-performing schools.

Real Estate in Sumner Elementary School District

If you’re considering moving into the Guilford County area, the Sumner Elementary School district is an excellent place to start looking. The district comprises a mix of single-family homes, charming townhouses, and condos, offering something to suit everyone’s needs.

Properties within this district are especially desirable due to their close proximity to the school, local parks, and various leisure and shopping centers. Living in this area, you’ll find yourself part of a warm, vibrant community that values education and a high quality of life.

A Ripe Real Estate Market

Real estate within the Sumner Elementary School district typically holds its value well, with properties ranging from affordable starter homes to more luxurious family homes. Neighborhoods feature well-maintained homes, tree-lined streets and ample green spaces, ensuring a wholesome and safe environment for families.

The promising real estate market coupled with the renowned Sumner Elementary School together make this an exceptional area for your family’s next chapter.


The thriving community, strong educational foundation, and attractive real estate market make the Sumner Elementary School Guilford County and the surrounding area an excellent choice for families. Whether you’re looking for a great school for your children or a rewarding investment in real estate, you’ll find what you’re looking for right here in Sumner.

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