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How to Become a North Carolina Real Estate Agent with Mantle Realty
how-to become-a-north-carolina-real-estate-agent

How to Become a North Carolina Real Estate Agent with Mantle Realty? 

Unlike other careers the requirements to become a North Carolina real estate agent, there are a few requirements you must:

  1. Be at least 18 years old.
  2. Be a US citizen, a non-citizen national, or a qualified alien under federal law. You are not required to be a resident of North Carolina.
  3. Complete a state-approved 75-hour broker prelicensing course.
  4. Pass the North Carolina State Licensing Examination with a score of at least 75%.
  5. Once you receive your broker’s license from the North you can then join the Mantle Realty Team

We believe that our culture is more important than our bottom line. We want to make sure that anyone that comes to join us fits this. We aren’t here to just make you a number and say hope for the best. It’s not part of our business model and will never be. We will reach out to agents that have been referred to us by our team, or friends. So don’t be shy and shoot us an email. We’d love to chat.

The short answer is a definite yes. We think outside the box, we mix a little old school customer service and new school technology.

When we call and reach out to you it’s not going to be for a training session or to give you a generic book about time management. We know your time is valuable and so is ours. There’s no reason to tip-toe around the topic. We feel like you would be an asset to us and vice-versa. Don’t get us wrong, if you want to sit in one of our training meetings, you are more than welcome to! We know how to become a North Carolina real estate agent and produce.

Personally, we feel like the recruiting process is broken in real estate. It’s sneaky and insincere. Multiple times a month the owner’s wife gets calls about seeing if she’s interested “in a career change”. You don’t like to cold call clients, why should we do the same to you?

Easy! We are awesome and we know it. We have a proven track record of taking new agents to multi-million dollar agents, bringing in agents from the Real estate rat race, and allowing them to make more money in less time.  Yeah, we know you can go somewhere with a limited cost to you the agent. Great if you know what you are doing, don’t need help, and don’t want to be surrounded by awesome people all day. If you are more likely to go hang out in a basement alone on the weekends than go out with friends then yeah we probably aren’t the fit for you.

Sure you can go join a team. Question for you have you ever joined in on a team in the middle of a season? Well, I have, good luck getting playing time or filling like you are one of them. Instead, you get the garbage time during a blowout, aka the crappy leads, the crappy jobs, crappy times, and most importantly the crappy commission splits. This is why you won’t see teams over here. We think we are all are one.

First of all, let’s set the myth straight, there’s no technology that every real estate company can not have. No one out here is the Apple of real estate and has their technology on lock-down. Take the CRM kvCore as an example, yeah everyone at EXP Realty has it but so can any other real estate company. Same situation with Skyslope, Dotloop, Docusign, etc. It really just comes down to what technology fits for them and what they are willing to pay.

But yes we have the same technology platforms as the big firms. If you can’t tell from all the same generic Facebook ads the technology doesn’t make you successful. It’s how you use it, and we know we are better than the rest.  Another great example is that we have had a Matterport camera in our office since 2015. We didn’t just decide to get one because of COVID. We know how to use technology to make you become a real estate agent that is ahead of the curve.

Picking the best real estate school is a very important decision. You don’t want to sit through hours of pre-licensing classes bored to tears. Or on the other hand, if you don’t comprehend the information you will never pass the state exam. We usually suggest Superior School of Real Estate due to COVID right now all classes are virtual. They still require participation but no in-person class or a class exam. Superior teaches their students how to become a North Carolina real estate agent and be successful. They have one if not the highest passing rate for schools in all of North Carolina.  Here’s a link to 10% off of their prelicensing classes.

Well first of all we don’t want just warm bodies. Think of us more like the Navy Seals, and the other guys are the National Gaurd, don’t worry our basic training usually involves good food and maybe a beer or two.  That being said we don’t just take anyone, but the good news is there are no onboarding fees, startup cost, etc.

We don’t want you to pay to be our friends like the other guys. Sound too good to be true? Feel free to reach out to any of our other agents and ask them about the company. If you have read all of this on how to become a North Carolina real estate agent and join us you definitely should give us a shot.