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Why Use The Mantle Realty App?


Wait Mantle Realty has an app? Why yes we do… We have always been ahead of the curve but until recently we have had a hard time letting the world know how awesome of a company we are. 

I kid, but really we have tried to stay at the forefront of the world of real estate. This can be a difficult task but one way we have accomplished this is through our real estate app.

What Makes Our App Different?

While many of our competitors have a mobile real estate app,  we knew that with the ever-changing real estate market Mantle needed something super fast. If an app only updates once a day or twice a week, what good would that be?  Some apps update every hour, a lot of them update every 15 minutes. 

Mantle’s mobile app has real-time updates for property listings every 3 minutes! This gives our clients an edge when navigating a hot market.  We have yet to find a competitor that is faster than that. Heck, sometimes ESPN’s box scores update slower than that!

Our app updates your preferences with your desktop app.

We know that you want to be able to browse the same favorite searches for homes on the go just as much as you want to be able to search at work. Don’t worry we won’t tell your boss. Since our app links with the desktop, you will have updates on your daily searches and favorites in both locations if you desire. 

We don’t sell your information.

I’m sure you are tired of getting 15 different agents calling you all day when you request information from a website like Zillow or Most of these aren’t the listing agent so they aren’t always aware of the facts for you the home buyers. 

 While we provide the same information as or other sites like it the difference is that we won’t sell your information. Just remember if you ever want to annoy your coworker just put their information in on Zillow and see how many calls and emails they get from multiple agents. 

This is why we don’t advertise on Zillow. We understand that the buyer needs someone who knows the market, not just someone who spends the most amount of money on Zillow advertising. 


Your agent can see what homes you are looking at and make suggestions.

Your agent has knowledge that isn’t listed to the public. Maybe your real estate agent sees you gawking over the same property multiple times a day. Your agent might know it’s already under contract or the repairs are done terribly on that home. 

This allows us to kill your dream softly. You know you don’t want to share a listing with your spouse to get your hopes up that this is the one. Only to find out it’s under contract. Our app might not stop this but it at least helps.

Our app gives you updates.

Are you looking for something that will allow you to keep up with the real estate market but doesn’t know where to start? Our app can help. Our users can set up searches and push notifications for any home or search they prefer. 

Our listings come from The Multiple Listing Services so we can include price drops, new MLS listings, sales history, home features, and so much more. This allows us to simplify the home buying process. 

Our app has GPS.

Yeah so if you are riding through a neighborhood and want to see an active home list. Our real estate mobile app has a GPS-enabled map search that will let you know if that dream neighborhood has homes for sale.

So if you are tired of getting harassed by agents that don’t know the market. Are you tired of finding outdated information about the real estate market?  Do you want an app that allows agents to help but not annoy you throughout the day? This is your app. 

Our App is compatible with both Apple and Androids. Just download straight from the app store and start your house hunting. 

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