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What to Look for When Listing with a Real Estate Agent?


What to look for when listing with a real estate agent?

I am sure that if you are reading this then you are already somewhat interested in selling your home. If you have your home already listed as a “for sale by owner” then I feel for you and all the phone calls you are receiving about using a Realtor to sell your home.

Why should I use a Realtor to sell my home? Don’t they just put a sign in the yard and that’s it? Should I just FSBO? What is FSBO?

You might be doubting if right now is the right time to sell your home? What price do I list at? If you have already listed it as for sale by owner, are you at market value?

All of these questions and more can keep you up at night and be the cause of major arguments with your spouse. So we want to be able to help you ask the right questions in order to find the perfect seller agent for you

So first of all, let’s all be honest here, everyone thinks they can do the job of a realtor and sell your house to save money. While I agree you might be able to sell your home without the help of a listing real estate agent with no road bumps, or hiccups.

I’m sure you are asking, why should I use a realtor to list my home? A recent study from the National Realtor Association stated the median selling price for all FSBO homes was $190,000 last year. When the buyer knew the seller in FSBO sales, the number plunges to the median selling price of $160,300. The National Association of Realtors survey concluded that when homes sold with the assistance of an agent, the median selling price was $250,000 ̶ that’s $60,000-90,000 more for the typical home sale.

So congratulations, you just did more work and lost money even after paying the buyer’s agent commission. I compare FSBO sellers to changing the oil in my car. Yes, I know how to do it. Yes, I have all the tools to do it, but after I have spent half the day burning my back on my hot driveway, busting knuckles, running to Autozone twice, and ruining a good shirt,  is it really worth it? Listing with a real estate agent will save you time, money, and energy.

What do Realtors actually do?

Many people think we just hang out, drink coffee, and browse on Facebook all day. Ok maybe that is somewhat true but not more than anyone else.

At the same time, we don’t just put the sign out in the yard, maybe have one or two open houses and wait for the checks to roll in. When listing with a real estate agent, a good listing agent will have a marketing plan. Don’t be afraid to ask!

Compare listing a home to playing basketball. Yes, you can go play pickup at the Y and play your own way. At the same time, those old men that have been playing together for 10 years have a gameplan,.They are running plays and running the young guys ragged. Before your home is listed you should know what your agent’s gameplan is. Make sure you look at the plan before listing with a real estate agent.

Here at Mantle we have multiple ways to help find potential buyers. We have an in-depth online marketing plan, as well as printed marketing materials that we send out to potential buyers in the area. Another feature we use is our 3-D scanner that allows buyers agents to show your home virtually.

How do most home sellers pick their list price?

We see it all the time. We reach out to a seller and ask “how did you come up with the asking price of your home?”  We usually hear that they have used the tax value and website data like zestimates from zillow. While both of these could be close to the value of your home it’s highly likely that it’s off.

We see discrepancies both ways. Most of the time websites like Zillow won’t take into account the location of your home, the upgrades, or the school district. Zillow Zesitmates just use the data from the zip code and specs of your home.

So those properties that are right down the street that sold for next to nothing. Yes those affect the Zillow values. Is the data incorrect on another property? Yes, it’s going to affect the Zillow zesitmate.

We as agents have the ability to see what like properties have sold for, what types of concessions the other sellers gave to the potential buyers, and what type of financing was used to buy the property. All of these factors play a huge role in pricing your property. We all know that the number one reason to have your listing with a real estate agent is so they will get you the most money possible.

To be honest there’s a reason we pay an astronomical amount monthly for this data. It’s so we can get you, the seller the most money for your home and have the selling process go smoothly. Want to know more about these values before listing with a real estate agent? Just contact us!

Who’s going to be in my house and how do agents verify this?

Well first and foremost, we are here to help you. The job of any Realtor after you list with a real estate agent includes protecting you and your home. We know that it can be scary letting random people peruse through your home.

We verify all showings and always have a buyers agent to accompany them through your home.  This is also true throughout the entire home buying process, including home inspections, final walkthroughs, or any other showings of your home. We also make sure that all interested parties have the ability to buy your home with either proof of funds or a loan prequalification letter.

Other questions you should have for any listing agents are “When should I sell?  What repairs should I do?” Even though both of these are very subjective you need an open and honest agent. Sometimes paint and carpeting isn’t going to help sell your home any faster or for more money.

When should you sell? Yes listing immediately isn’t always the best option. You need an agent who specializes in listing homes and in your area.

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