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What Makes a Good Real Estate Agent?


What makes a good real estate agent?

Everyone gets into real estate for a few couple of reasons. Usually, they come down to a few reasons like, I want the flexibility of being a real estate agent. I want to make a lot of money. I enjoy houses and looking at houses. I love HGTV!

Well, I’m here to blow the doors off the myths of real estate.

Do real estate agents have flexible hours?

The answer varies depending on the habits of the Realtor. Most agents start their careers by being on the bottom of the real estate food chain. They get the difficult clients, clients that are looking for properties on the outskirts of the agent’s territory. Most of these clients are time killers for an agent. These are the types of buyers that call during dinner, want to see properties at the drop of a hat. If a realtor’s flexible schedule is the goal, these types of clients have to be controlled.

How do you control needy clients?

Start from the start! If you tell your clients your expectations from the start. Here’s my example, just want to let you know these are my business hours, I have small kids and I value our family time. So if I answer the phone after 6 then consider it a bonus. If you really need me, text me and I’ll see it quicker.


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