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What Does a Seller’s Agent Do in 2024?


What’s The Purpose of Seller’s Agents?

Before we get into everything, we should probably distinguish the difference between a selling agent and a seller’s agent. They sound like they can be the same thing, yeah I know, but they actually have a difference. The difference between the two is as simple as the buyers and sellers.

Selling Agent Vs Seller’s Agent ( Listing Agents)

To keep this brief, a selling agent is one who is going to be representing the buyer. The main purpose of a selling agent is to help buyers find a new property. A Seller’s Agent also called a Listing or List Agent represents the seller in a real estate transaction. A seller’s agent will meet with you to look over your property and determine its market value. 

What’s a Seller’s Agent Job 

 Seller’s agents have the capability of recommending  any repairs, updates, or cleaning the property may need before putting it on the market. In order to determine the property value, the agent will compare it to other similar homes that have sold in the area so you make sure you are listing it for the best possible price. The agent may create something called a Comparative Market Analysis or “CMA”, which is a report explaining how the agent came up with the pricing for the property.

Process of Working With a Listing Agent 

Once the house is market-ready, the listing agent may stage the property and then have the house photographed. There are a number of things an agent may do to create marketing material to get someone to buy your home, including creating videos, making ads for social media, and printing flyers. All of these ideas will help the real estate agent reach a wide range of people, which gives it a better chance of being sold.

 The last step is putting a sign in the yard, a lockbox on the front door, then activating it on the Multiple Listing Service (or MLS) for other agents and buyers to see.

 Showings for a Property 

Now your home is ready to go up for sale on the open real estate market. Your agent will review showing instructions and scheduling with you, especially if you still occupy the home. 

The agent will help coordinate all showing appointments and then provide you with feedback offered by potential buyers from their respective agents. Eventually, someone will make an offer, or, in a hot market, you may have multiple offers. Your Realtor will explain the pros and cons of each offer with you to help determine which works best for your needs. Once that offer is determined and renegotiated if necessary, you sign and accept!

 Due Diligence Period

Congrats!- You are officially under contract; depending on which market you are in, your agent will explain the process moving forward. The main focus for the agent will be coordinating the transaction with the buyer’s agent, scheduling all other appointments requested by the buyer- such as inspections, appraisals, and contractor visits. 

Once every step of the process has been cleared and finalized, it’s time to pack up and get ready to move it. If your home is already vacant, then all you really need to do is sign the deed transfer paperwork and hand over the keys!

Why Are Seller’s Agent Useful? 

The main thing a seller’s agent will do is market the property in order to get it sold, then oversee all processes once your property is pending sale. The main value of having representation when selling your home is it takes the stress and emotional attachment out of the sale, and most importantly puts less liability on you once you provide the agent with all pertinent property information.

Your agent will go over that in greater detail after you contact us at 336-600-1052 or email us here to find the best agent for you.

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