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“I know them from high school”.
“Y’all don’t look like real estate agents”.
“What’s that got to do with real estate”?

We hear the remarks and see the social media commentary. It’s OK. You do know a lot of us from when we shook things up in school. We don’t all look like the average “Michelle Marketer” or “Wanda-Write-An-Offer”. Almost a ton of our posts have nothing and everything to do with real estate. But, give us the opportunity to show you some of the beautiful homes of the Triad, and you’ll see that the things that make us different are what make us better. we’re all Mad Here.

Around the area, you will see a plethora of homes listed FOR SALE BY OWNER. Despite numerous studies showing the advantages of using real estate agents, the number of FSBOs continue to trend upwards. Why, though? Maybe people have been burned by agents. Maybe they know someone that has. Bad news travels fast; as do bad experiences. Brokers focused on only money, sales, or results have given agents a poor reputation. At Mantle, we are trying in all that we do to be compassionate, community centered, and kind. We never want one of our clients to feel like we did not care about them. In a world of pushy or gimmicky, we strive to be better. The industry change starts with small companies, like ours, conducting business with integrity, kindness, and (of course) a little fun.

More in Dept:

We invest in top-of-the-line technology to do what we do, well. The investment in our clients with professional photography and extensive advertising. Building relationships and friendships at our office is a big deal and we are all basically a big family. We have a blast in the community and host events that are open to everyone. If you have a need, we’ve got a guy for that. We have made relationships to be able to recommend lenders, inspectors, contractors, and tradesmen that work hard and share our values about how our clients should be treated.

Let’s be honest here. If there was a game show to match you with the perfect agent, we’d have someone for everyone. (LOL to everyone that watched our Real Estate Love Connection Spoof). We have a variety of personalities and strengths to choose from, too. Looking for a unicorn of a home that you expect to be in a bidding war on? We have some expert negotiators. Do you need someone to show you every house in Davidson County with a Jack and Jill Bathroom? We have diligent and search-savvy agents. Do you need a tailgate host with great taste in 90’s rap? We got you. Are we different? That’s fair to say. We’re all mad here, but the best people are.

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We’re All Mad Here

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Mantle Realty is a leading  independent real estate firm based in the Triad of North Carolina. Mantle is passionate about providing clients with  cutting edge technology and hometown service, whether they are buying or selling a home.

Many of Mantle Realty’s agents have lived in the areas they serve their entire lives, and love turning their clients into their neighbors. With offices in Kernersville, Lexington, and High Point, Mantle is equipped to cover all of the Triad with convenience and care.