Triad Holiday Events

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Triad Holiday Events are the heartbeat of North Carolina’s winter festivities. Whether you’re from Greensboro, Winston-Salem, High Point, or just visiting the area, the Triad region offers an array of unforgettable experiences that are sure to light up your holiday season. So, put on your coziest sweater, grab a cup of hot cocoa, and let’s dive into the magical world of Triad Holiday Events 2023!

Must-Visit Holiday Markets

One thing you absolutely cannot miss out on when it comes to Triad Holiday Events are the holiday markets. If you’re in search of the perfect gift, look no further.

Greensboro Winter Wonderland Market

Last year, I found handcrafted ornaments that were nothing short of exquisite. I also can’t forget the food vendors offering gourmet hot chocolate that tasted like Christmas in a cup.

High Point Christmas Craft Fair

Here, local artisans show off their handiwork, from intricate jewelry to custom woodwork. If you’re into unique, one-of-a-kind items, this is your spot.

Family-Friendly Activities

If you’ve got kiddos, or just enjoy wholesome fun, Triad Holiday Events have you covered.

Winston-Salem’s Winterfest

The highlight here is the outdoor ice skating rink that turns the heart of the city into a winter wonderland. Last year, the smiles on the kids’ faces said it all as they glided—or stumbled—around the rink.

High Point’s Holiday Carousel

Riding this charming vintage carousel has become a beloved tradition for families in the Triad area. With each ticket purchase, you’re making memories and contributing to local charities. It’s a win-win!

Light Displays That'll Dazzle You

No discussion of Triad Holiday Events would be complete without talking about the breathtaking light displays.

Festival of Lights in Greensboro

We’re talking millions of lights spread across acres of land. The experience is mesmerizing—especially when you catch the synchronized light and music show.

Winston-Salem’s Luminary Spectacle

This isn’t your average light display. Picture glowing orbs and whimsical light sculptures scattered throughout beautifully landscaped gardens. It’s an art installation and a holiday celebration rolled into one.

Adult-Friendly Holiday Events

Holiday festivities aren’t just for the little ones. The Triad area also offers events geared towards adults.

Holiday Wine Tastings in High Point

Sip your way through an array of locally crafted wines, perfect for getting you into the holiday spirit or finding your next favorite bottle for holiday dinners.

Greensboro Holiday Cocktail Crawl

Join this guided tour of Greensboro’s best bars, where you’ll enjoy exclusive holiday cocktails crafted just for the occasion. Cheers!

How to Make the Most of Triad Holiday Events

So, you’re sold on the idea of taking part in the magic, but how do you make the most of it?

Plan Ahead

Many of these events sell out quickly, especially the exclusive wine tastings and craft fairs. So get those tickets early!

Bundle Up!

This is North Carolina, folks. Sure, we may not have the harshest winters, but it still gets chilly. Stay warm while you wander through the winter wonderlands.

Wrap Up: There's No Place Like the Triad for the Holidays

Whether you’re a North Carolina native or a holiday traveler, Triad Holiday Events offers a slice of holiday magic for everyone. The blend of traditional activities and unique, modern twists means that this is a holiday season you won’t soon forget.

Join us for all the Triad Christmas Parades this year!