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Thinking About Remodeling Your Home in 2023?

Let us help you make the right steps when remodeling your home!

July 20, 2023


When we first buy a home it’s everything we’ve ever dreamed of and more. Well, this is the case until you have lived there for a couple of years. You start to realize that things may be going out of date, there may be something missing, or just not enough space for you and your family. Whatever the reason is, this will most likely lead to the idea of making some improvements to your home.


Remodeling Your Home

Remodeling a home is something that many people decide to do when it’s time to make a change that best fits their living style. Doing this can be a very thrilling experience, but at the same time it can be nerve wracking. To make this process of renovating your home as smooth as possible, we’re going to help you take the right strides!


Steps to Remodeling Your Home

The first step to remodeling is to make a plan. One must decide what they are going to be improving when it comes to their home remodeling project. This can range from a number of different things such as a basement, kitchen, or a bedroom. This remodeling project doesn’t have to be huge, it can be a small project that includes improving things such as windows and doors.


Once you’ve got the planning process completed, the next thing you would need to do is make a budget for everything you have planned. It’s always a good idea to come up with a final number you can comfortably spend on your home improvements. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to over plan, just in case you have unexpected expenses, but if there isn’t you would just be saving money. 


The next step in this process would be to determine whether or not you need to hire a contractor. Although having a contractor isn’t required, most recommend having one. Hiring a contractor can be very beneficial because everything will be done professionally and they will make sure it’s done in a timely manner. 


 Figuring out all of these things are essential, but there is one step that often goes unnoticed. It’s a step in the process that many forgo, but going through with this would be advantageous. That step is getting in touch with your insurance agent


Why Do You Need To Contact Your Insurance Agent?

For someone to have a better understanding of why you need to get in touch with your insurance agent, it would be beneficial to know the importance of one.  An insurance agent is a professional who sells an insurance company’s products to consumers for a commission. To sell insurance, an agent helps consumers select the right insurance to buy, but represents the insurance company in the transaction.


So what does an insurance agent have to do with a house being remodeled? When you first buy a home, you more than likely will get Homeowners Insurance. Homeowners Insurance is made up of coverages that may help pay to repair or replace your home and belongings if they are damaged by certain perils, such as fire or theft.


Like I mentioned before, homeowners insurance is very beneficial because it’ll cover your house. This isn’t the case if an individual decided to make changes to their home, without reaching out to their agent about the renovations. If this happens then there wouldn’t be any coverage on the new improvements that have been made. So that means you need to be reaching out to that agent of yours.


When Should You Reach Out to Your Insurance Agent?

Insurance agents work to make things easier for you. Reach out to those insurance agents of yours before the renovation starts and after the remodeling is complete. If a client tends to forgo this part of the process, they’ll find themselves without sufficient coverage to redo the home if anything were to happen. 



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