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The meaning of Community is to Mantle Realty

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Mantle Realty Community

The meaning of Community is to Mantle Realty. What is community to us over here at Mantle Realty? Well, sometimes it’s amazing how someone wants to take advantage of any mistake you make. Some people in life can be vultures and will use the dumbest things against you. Last night I was sharing a post about another small business doing a drive-in movie event. I made a typo that said don’t get in your car, instead of don’t get out.  Making it look like I didn’t want people to go. Now thankfully we all know that would never be the case. I believe that all small businesses need to be able to work together….including real estate agencies….SHOCKER I KNOW… My reasoning behind that thought process is that if there’s not enough small businesses in the area to cover the community’s needs then the huge corporations will take it over. So yes, I am happy to see other local independent  agencies in the area. Heck there’s a few that I actually sit down and give ideas to. I received a referral from one just this week that is in the same territory. The reason I am saying this is to say that our sandbox is big enough for us all to play in. I will also be completely honest and say that Mantle Realty isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.  (We have a TikTok for pete’s sake!) I get that, and all of our Realtors do to. Now all of our Realtors aren’t like me. (Thank God right?) So yes we can make anyone feel comfortable in their real estate transaction.  So if you enjoy your independent companies there’s a few things that you can do to help us grow and give back to our community.

Number 1… Use us!

Yeah it’s that simple, let Mantle Realty represent you in buying or selling your home. We cover a large territory that goes from Charlotte, Hickory, all the way to Burlington and every community in between. Yes, our main areas are around our three offices in Lexington, Welcome/Winston Salem area and our newest office in Summerfield/Greensboro area. What about other local companies? Think about them first. Go get a cup of joe from the small coffee shop and not Starbucks. Call your local insurance guy, not the one on TV. You know why? Jake from State Farm will never be sitting in the same aisle as you in church after he denies your claim. The local guy Jack, well he might walk right past you in the grocery store. He wants to earn your business not buy it.  All of us small business owners know that community comes first.

Number 2… Tell others about us!

Sounds simple doesn’t it? Well you don’t know how many times we hear, “yeah my friend just called the number on the sign or emailed Zillow.” While it could end up fine it could also be a nightmare. Again, some people are just buying business and they don’t know the processes of real estate. We at Mantle make sure that we train all of our agents to be the best they can possibly be. If they have any questions, I am always available to them. Oddly this isn’t the case everywhere. Often we see agents asking the interwebs how to handle the situation instead of people that are in the area and have been through it before. So yes, it could workout ok, or it could go south quickly if you are picking agents by the luck of the draw.

Number 3….Support us

There’s a couple of ways that you can do this and a lot of them take little to no effort. The easiest way is to like our pages. We have multiple social sites and we try not to post a lot of the same content across platforms. Yes we do post a lot of for sale graphics but we also try to be fun. So hopefully even if you aren’t in the mood to buy a new home, we will try to entertain you. We also do a lot of community events over here at Mantle Realty, so it’s a great way to stay connected and see what all we do. Just an example of events in the past that we have done… Prom dress giveaways, tailgate events, crusin events, multiple parades throughout the year and pretty much any other crazy idea we can come up with. If you see these posts, please share them! It might seem small to you but maybe some high school girl wouldn’t be able to go to prom without seeing your post. That actually happened this year so pat yourself on the back if you shared the Prom Project.

Another way to support us

You can come to the events. We never charge for any of our events. Personally I never understood why someone wouldn’t come get a free hot dog and a drink before a ball game. Heck it’s a strict rule of Mantle’s that we don’t talk business during events. We just want to give back no strings attached. What if you don’t like hot dogs, and free stuff? Well just review us. Would you use a company with little to no reviews? Nope? Neither does anyone else. Your view of us means more than anything we can say about ourselves. Yes I am going to make a shameless plug. Heck if you are still reading this far then you are probably my mom (hi mom and thanks for taking care of my kids this week!) or you like us enough to hit this button and give a review. If not that’s cool too. Come check us out, shoot basketball in the back. Whatever, we are pretty chill. Lastly I want to thank everyone that already does this. Without you we couldn’t do what we love. And doing life with our community is what we love.  This is the true meaning of community and why we call ourselves the Mantle Mafia. Wanna join us well there’s always more room in the Mantle Realty community! Did this blog entertain you? Check out our others!

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