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Help From Mantle Realty During Covid 19


So this might be a little long of a read but it comes from the heart. I am writing this for every small business that needs some help during COVID 19. For those of you who live under a rock, we are huge Panthers fans here. The main motto for our beloved Panthers happens to be Keep Pounding. The mantra is on the neck of jerseys. So here’s the backstory of where this came from. Stick with me now! I know this is long but it’s worth it.

Sam Mill’s story

Former player and assistant coach Sam Mills wanted to speak to the team during a playoff game against Dallas in 2004. Sam began sharing his story of how a small 5-foot-9 middle linebacker that no NFL team wanted coming out of Montclair State went on to become a five-time Pro Bowl player after a three-year stint in the United States Football League.

Mills spoke of how doctors diagnosed him with intestinal cancer hours before he showed up to coach the linebackers in the 2003 preseason finale and that he was given only three months to live. Mills told the Panthers that they became his inspiration to fight the tough days of chemotherapy treatments when, when they blocked an extra point on the final play of regulation to send a sure loss against Tampa Bay into overtime, where they won. He told them, in his powerful but soft-spoken voice, to keep pounding.

While football is the furthest thing in people’s mind right now. We need to hold on to that Motto. I know as a small business owner myself this time of uncertainty is extremely hard on us a community. I know that some of you might be making plans of closing your business for good. You can’t! KEEP POUNDING! I know that some of you might be planning on giving up on your dream you have worked so hard for. You can’t! KEEP POUNDING! I personally got started in the real estate industry right at the beginning of the recession. (I never said I was the smartest around. 😀 ) Mantle Realty is here for more than just selling houses, we want to help any small business we can during this time.

Some of the things that I learned from that time that I hold onto now is that if you just keep working there is light at the end of the tunnel. So here’s a challenge for all you small business owners. Instead of freaking out, go make your business better with the downtime. You might be asking how. Couple quick suggestions, look at your social media pages and see what you can improve. Ask for reviews from customers on facebook, google, yelp etc!

Take time to look at your website and see what improves you can do. Is it updated, how are the photos, do you even have a website? Lastly if you are still stumped please reach out! I would be glad to help if needed. My email is or call me at 336.240.2940 (this is my personal number so please don’t call late, and leave a voicemail if I don’t answer). One thing that I am planning on doing today to help out myself is that I will be making a webpage with all the local small business restuarants infomation that are still doing takeout in the area. If you have any other ideas on how to help us small business owners please share or comment to do to make it through the corona virus quarantine.


Dustin Owens

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