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Should you do a Walk through before closing on a home?

November 17, 2023

Should You Do a Walkthrough Before Closing on a Home?

 The Comprehensive Guide to a Pivotal Walkthrough Before Closing

Ahoy, prospective homeowners! Before embarking on the exhilarating journey of homeownership, envision this: conducting a thorough walkthrough before closing is akin to a seasoned captain meticulously inspecting the ship before setting sail. It’s not merely a good idea; it’s absolutely vital. Let’s delve into the intricate details of why this final inspection is the linchpin to a seamless voyage into your new haven.

The Purpose of a Final Walkthrough:

View the final walkthrough as your last and critical chance to ensure the condition of your soon-to-be home. It’s the moment to affirm that all stipulated repairs have been meticulously completed, and the house aligned precisely with your expectations when you turn the key for the first time.

Uncovering Hidden Surprises:

In a memorable walkthrough with a young couple, they unearthed the unsettling revelation that their promised chandelier had mysteriously vanished. Without this meticulous final check, such surprises might only manifest when it’s too late. The walkthrough serves as your proactive measure to identify and rectify these discrepancies.

Verifying Repairs: Trust But Verify:

If repairs were negotiated, the walkthrough is your designated timeframe to verify. Scrutinize that each repair is executed to the agreed-upon standards. It’s not just about trusting the seller’s word; it’s about witnessing the repairs with your own discerning eyes.

The Devil Is in the Details:

During the walkthrough, pay meticulous attention to the details. Are all fixtures, appliances, and finishes precisely as expected? Do the intricate systems within the home function flawlessly? Channel your inner detective, inspecting every nook and cranny with a discerning eye.

What to Bring to a Walkthrough:

Equip yourself with your contract, a detailed checklist of items to inspect, and a notepad for capturing any last-minute details. If feasible, enlist the assistance of your real estate agent or another impartial set of eyes for an unbiased second opinion.

Addressing Issues Found During the Walkthrough:

Should issues surface during your walkthrough, it’s negotiation time. This might entail delaying the closing or holding funds in escrow until repairs are diligently executed. Bear in mind that once you close, your leverage diminishes, underscoring the pivotal nature of the walkthrough in the overall process.

In conclusion, the resounding answer to the question “Should you do a walkthrough before closing on a home?” is an unequivocal yes. Regard it as the ultimate piece of due diligence in the intricate tapestry of the home buying process. This seemingly small investment of time could potentially save you from future headaches and ensure that your new home aligns precisely with the dreams you’ve envisioned. So, set sail into homeownership with confidence, knowing that your new abode has passed the meticulous scrutiny of a comprehensive walkthrough. Happy sailing!


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