Reassigned Leads How To



Read through the notes if any availble for a lead. Hopefully there will be info in the important notes section

Check Leads Activity

Are they getting email updates? Are they visiting the website?

What are they looking for? Have they favorited any homes, viewed a certain type of home, price range, location?

What if they haven’t responded?

Research lead info Check social media, for name email and phone number. Google names in quotes for exact matches. Check for alternate info.   Add this info into Real Geeks. If you are having trouble with this watch these videos. Connect with them in multiple ways. Some leads will only text, some will answer phone or facebook. 

After research is complete call 

Double Dial lead immediately if no answer on first contact. What is double dialing? This guy explains it better than I do so read this.

On second call just leave your name. “Hi, lead’s name, this is your name. Give me a call.”


Follow up with a text.

Enter lead into the standard lead drip campaign.

After contact with the lead the status will change automatically to nurture other options we have inside of real geeks are the following 

Contacted (just one conversation made)

Connected (met with them, got prequalified, showing them properties)

Bad Credit

Working with another agent (in important notes please note what agent if known or company)

Dead Lead (bad number, AND bad email)

What if I can’t get them?

See above.

After drip campaign has finished what do I do?

Start cold/old drip campaign.

Other items needed

Add tags for clients in real geeks

Family if they have any

Location they want to be. Be as specific as possible and use multiples examples (Lexington, 27295, kapstone crossing etc)

School district if known (not abbreviated example, North Davidson High School, not NDHS)

After drip campaign has finished what do I do?

Start cold/old drip campaign.