Real Property Exam Prep

Real Property Exam Prep
An appraisal is valid only on its effective date because of:
A section of land legally described as the north one-half of the northwest quarter of the southeast quarter of a section of land contains:
A Competitive Market Aanalysis (also known as a Comparative Market Analysis, or CMA) is prepared to estimate the likely sales price of a property. This analysis is based on the:
If the buyer in contract for deed (land contract) who has paid less than 20% of the purchase price defaults, the seller may:
A property owner paid $25 per front foot for a lot 600 ft. x 1,452 ft. How much did he pay for the lot?
A legal description of property based on principle meridians, baselines, townships, and sections is described as:
What type of legal description would a new residential sub-developer most likely use?
A home seller would purchase title insurance for a buyer. What type of insurance would a buyer purchase for a lender?
The transfer of rights under a contract without the release from obligation is known as:
The income approach is probably most appropriate for which of these?
At what point does a deed transfer a grantor's interest to a grantee?
How many acres are there in a government rectangular survey that consists of the SW 1/4 , NE 1/4, NW 1/4 of section 13, Blendon Township?
Who picks the title insurance company?
The life cycle of a neighborhood occurs in these four stages, in this order:
The square footage of a 2-story building that is 54 x 40 is: