Real Property Ownership/Interest Exam Prep

Real Property Ownership/Interest Exam Prep
Nowhere City creates tax incentives to encourage rehabilitation of property in a run-down neighborhood. This is an example of what force?
A system of ownership and fee simple title to designated areas of air space plus a percentage of ownership of common elements in the property is termed:
As defined in local zoning ordinances, the distances between lot lines and improvements are known as:
After a buyer purchases a property, he has a survey made and finds that his neighbor recently has built a fence 10 feet over onto the buyer's land. This is an example of:
A grantor conveyed a vacant 1-acre track of land to a grantee. The grantee receives:
Which of the following is considered real property?
Which of the following statements is not true regarding deed restrictions?
Which is not an example of common area in a condominium?
Fixtures and showcases attached in a store that occupies rented space are considered:
Which type of description is inadequate for describing property in a deed?