Property Management Exam Prep

Property Management Exam Prep
A valid lease would NOT contain which of the following
A lease with a definite termination date creates a/an
The kind of agency created by the property management agreement is
A property management contract is a
Cash flow is
If the landlord and the area real estate manager of a national retailer both execute a lease, and the corporation fails to occupy the premises, what might prevent the landlord from enforcing the terms of contract?
A lease can be terminated by:
A tenant's lease has expired. The tenant has neither vacated nor negotiated a renewal lease, and the landlord has declared that he does not want the tenant to remain in the building. This tenancy is called:
Which lease is most likely to be used in a retail dress shop?
John asks his next-door neighbor, Bob, to help manage his four-unit apartment complex. John agrees to pay Bob $100.00 for each lease he executes. May Bob manage John's property?