Other North Carolina Laws and Practices Exam Prep

Other North Carolina Laws and Practices Exam Prep
A 1.50 acre lot is priced at $75 per square foot. It is 230' deep. What will it sell for?
A lender uses a 28% qualifying ratio. A married couple have a combined annual income of $132,000, which includes a monthly passive income to the woman of $1,600. How much can the couple pay monthly for their mortgage payment?
A legal life estate is created by:
In 2014, taxes totaling $2,397.60 were paid in full on a home that closed on Sept. 9. Using a 360 day year, what were the prorated taxes paid on the day of closing and who received the debit and who received the credit?
A seller paid a 6% commission at closing, a loan payoff of $201,000 and $42,000 in closing costs. His net check at closing was $188,000. What was the sales price of the seller's home?
A legal life estate includes all of the following except:
Laws protecting a primary residence from creditors are called:
The previous owner receiving the estate is:
A provision in the NC Residential Rental Agreements Act states the tenant cannot be evicted because the tenant has asserted a legal right against the landlord. This is called:
The bundle of legal rights include all of the following EXCEPT: