Northern Greensboro

Summerfield is a town in Guilford County, North Carolina, United States. The town is largely regarded as a suburb of Northern Greensboro and as development has grown, the town has slowly transformed from a rural farming area into a bedroom community. It features a town hall, along Oak Ridge Road (aka NC 150), west of Battleground Avenue (aka US 220), and a shopping center east of Battleground Avenue near Auburn Road and NC 150. Interstate 73 passes through the west part of the town, intersecting NC 150.

Suburbs In Northern Greensboro​


Many people are drawn to Summerfield—and northwest/northern Guilford County in general—because it is so convenient to Greensboro and its rolling hills and dense stands of trees are less populous than Greensboro’s. 

With its lovely natural surroundings and lower population density, it seems natural that one of the town’s strategic goals is “to provide recreational opportunities for the citizens of Summerfield.” Summerfield Community Park, in the center of town, has picnic shelters, fishing, walking/biking trails, and an outdoor amphitheater. In 2010, the town opened the well-equipped Summerfield Athletic Park, which is heavily used for local field sports.

Summerfield has a total population just over 15,060. It’s known as an affluent area with an average household income of nearly $80,000 per year. 

There are many lovely homes for sale in the 27358 zip code, which encompasses many desirable neighborhoods in the town of Summerfield, NC.