NC Real Estate License Law and Commission Rules Exam Prep
Brokerage activities include everything listed below except:
The non-resident licensee must enter into a:
Copies of any signed sales contract or lease must be delivered:
Brokers are required to retain records pertaining to their brokerage transactions, either to a successful or unsuccessful conclusion, for:
Two members of the NCREC are appointed by:
Who is exempt from having a real estate license when conducting a real estate business?
A real estate broker may act as an attorney-in-fact:
The Real Estate Commission consists of:
The Governor appoints to the NCREC:
A broker-in-charge must have:
A broker or salesperson licensed and residing in another state may apply for and obtain a NC:
Provisional brokers must complete an additional 90 hours of education to become a broker. This education must be completed:
If the broker's agency agreement is terminated, this file must be retained for:
In NC real estate, there is one type of license and it is:
An unlicensed, salaried employee may not:
A broker-in-charge is responsible for:
Real estate records must be retained for how long after the disbursement of trust monies?
The members of the NCREC serve terms that are:
Conducting or offering to conduct a real estate auction:
A licensed broker in another US jurisdiction, may be licensed directly as a NC broker: