Marketing Regulations Exam Prep

Marketing Regulations Exam Prep
Commingling refers to:
The agency of the Federal government that administers fair housing laws is:
A real estate licensee needs to have:
A broker informs a homeowner that a member of a minority group may be moving into the neighborhood. The broker sees that the homeowner is very upset, and offers to buy his house at a low price. The broker is guilty of:
You are about to buy a house that has been built prior to 1978. What disclosure should be given to you by the seller?
An illegal act that encourages homeowners to sell their property because minorities are moving into the neighborhood is:
In a suit brought under the Federal Fair Housing Law as amended, punitive damages may be as much as:
A licensee commits steering if:
The sources of law that affect real estate transactions and activity are:
Under the Federal Fair Housing Act of 1968, it is permissible to: