Mantle Tiger Experience

see the big cats up close

Drive By Tiger Viewing Open Now! 

Throw the kids in the back of the truck and drive by to see our 2 tigers – Boomer and Ickey – from the CDC mandated six-feet away in the cleared-off lot beside our Welcome office. We don’t have the fences and cages up yet, but our
tigers have been pretty well behaved so far.

Welcome To Davidson County’s Premier Tiger Experience

Here at Mantle, we’ve had a lot of people ask us what’s going on with that cleared-off land beside our office, and for a long time we weren’t ready to let the truth out. Well, the time is now. We’re excited to announce the Mantle Realty
Tiger Experience. Some of you may know that our founder, Dustin Owens, has been a huge fan of large cats his entire life and – for the last three years – has been raising two tigers of his own at his Lexington home. Boomer and Ickey
are 5-year-old Vontaze tigers that Dustin acquired from the Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park in 2017. They’ve outgrown their cages at Dustin’s home, so we’re releasing them into a new habitat in the field next to our office.

The Mantle Realty Tiger Experience will allow  people of all ages from across the Triad to get up close and personal with these beautiful animals. Visitors will be able to feed, pet, and even take selfies with Boomer and Ickey
as well other exotic animals like Caroline’s cow, Moonshine.

The Mantle Realty Tiger Experience (Mr. Te) will open fully to the public as soon as we get the final section of fence in (Lowe’s has got all their chickenwire on backorder).  Admission to Mr. Te will be $5 per person, or a roll
of toilet paper and 2 squirts of hand sanitizer.

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I like panthers better than tigers, but all the panthers got released, so I’m stuck with tigers. And tigers are orange, so that’s good too.

-Dustin (probably)