Kimberley Park Elementary School

Understanding Kimberley Park Elementary School Forsyth County and Its Surroundings

Welcome to Kimberley Park Elementary School with roots anchored in the vibrant Forsyth County of North Carolina! Providing rigorous, stimulating learning to children aged 5-11 years, Kimberley Park Elementary School has proven its worth since its establishment for both academic prowess and cultural diversity.

Surroundings of Kimberley Park Elementary School Forsyth County

Located in the heart of Winston-Salem, adjacent to the historic Kimberley Park, you’d find the institution we’ve come to celebrate – Kimberley Park Elementary School. The school is surrounded by a perfect blend of residential areas and lively city bustle, making it the prime location for an achieved education-work-life-balance.

Property Listings in the Kimberley Park Elementary School District

Forsyth County has a rich diversity of home styles, with properties ranging from vintage, all the way to contemporary designs. Detached single-family homes are predominantly common, along with some apartment complexes and townhomes. Naturally, these come in a variety of room compositions, accommodating to various family sizes and personal preferences.

Pricing Overview for Homes in Kimberley Park Elementary School District

The housing market in this school district is quite diverse. Homes range from $150,000 to about $400,000, making it an affordable spot for a wide array of budgets. The elementary school has a reputation for excellence, and many families eagerly relocate to this district for their children’s education.

Community and Lifestyle

Kimberley Park Elementary School not only praises its academic credentials but also prides itself in fostering a conducive environment for holistic development. This extends beyond the school walls – the surrounding residential areas are known for their prevailing sense of community and friendly neighborhood spirit. Parents can look forward to fostering bonds with congenial neighbors who value the importance of quality education and community spirit.
The school district is also a gateway to explore the various amenities of Forsyth County – think about delicious eateries, picturesque cityscapes, and serene parks.

Summary on Kimberley Park Elementary School Forsyth County

So, why should you consider the Kimberley Park Elementary School regardful of whether you’re an aspiring homeowner or a parent seeking a worthwhile education for your children?
Here’s the deal: Kimberley Park Elementary School Forsyth County offers more than just an education. The school provides an idyllic setting for a balanced lifestyle, encompassing home, school, work, and play. Its location within Winston-Salem, Forsyth County, North Carolina, ensures easy access to city amenities. You’ll find a robust housing market within the school district’s radius, catering to diversified family needs and budgets. Additionally, the community cohesion and lifestyle options are unbeatable, thus making it a top-choice for many families. Indeed, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better school community anywhere else in Forsyth County!

Sports Schedule

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