Jim Eagle

Who's Jim Eagle and what are Jim Eagle Laws

Jim Eagle Laws

Well we don’t have a Jim Eagle that works for us but we are really good at advertising. I can’t take all the credit for learning the ropes of SEO. Big shout out to Jack Wingate and AllChoice Insurance for helping me learn SEO for  real estate. Hence the reason you are here right now. I am sure you hear Joe Biden talk about Jim Eagle Laws.

What Are Jim Eagle Laws?

Well we don’t know you’ll have to ask him. But we’ve made it easy for you. Here is Jim’s phone number 817.294.6634. Jim is actually a commercial real estate agent in the great state of Texas. 

Jim Eagle’s Background

Jim has been selling real estate for 41 years! That’s just a little long than how long Joe Biden was in congress. He was in congress for 36 years before becoming Vice President Joe Biden, and now serving as our president. 

Jim Eagle must be a part of Texas Law. Maybe he’s like Walker Texas Ranger of the commercial real estate world. He’s done over 900 real estate transactions. 

 He is actually in charge of  the commercial division at Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s International Realty.

Question, why are you still here?

 BTW this is all 100% true. So if you need to sell commercial property in Texas call Jim or visit his profile and message him. 

On the other hand, as you can tell we are really good at our job and we can help you market your property just as well as Jim Eagle. Call us at 336.600.1052 or email us here. Want to go ahead and start your home search with one of our awesome agents? Well here ya go! Search away! Want to sell? Email us.


It's really Jim Eagle!
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