How To Make CMA


Video Walkthrough

if you do not want to read here’s a video walkthrough


Look on Realist at the property details of your specific property: pay attention to square footage, acreage, age

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On MLS do a residential search (at the top set search for within 1 mile of the property)

Click Status

Active, coming soon, due diligence period, pending AB, pending, closed 0-180 days

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if you do not get enough results, increase your distance from 1 mile to 2…until you have a good amount of results.

Choose properties to compare

looking at square footage, age, condition, location. (for more detailed results look at bedrooms, bathrooms,)

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Once you have properties you want clicked, click on Quick CMA at the bottom

Use the quick CMA report to find the average price per square foot to get a price range for your specific property.

For properties that are atypical (rural, lots of acreage,
Put in additional criteria such as:

  • year built
  • square footage range

If you cannot find comps for your property

  • Take out things such as acreage and find a comp and then add/subtract it back in (if comp is superior=subtract, if comp is inferior=add)
  • Go back and change your criteria (adjust age range, acreage, etc.)

**Do not use new construction for comps unless the property is fairly new and there are other existing comps available.

If you have a lot of comps: look at more specific details to find the best ones: square footage, age, beds, baths, garage, etc.

**Doing a CMA for a potential listing: Give price per square footage (have a range in mind before seeing the condition of the home)