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How To Be Prepared For Closing Day


Tips for a Smooth Closing Day when Buying a Home

As closing day approaches, it’s normal to feel a mix of emotions. To help make your closing day go smoothly and reduce stress, we’ve compiled several important do’s. These tips are key to ensuring a successful closing day!

1.) Confirm Time, Date, and Location:

Double-check and confirm your closing date, time, and location. Sometimes attorneys have multiple offices or may meet at the realtor’s office for the closing. Taking this extra step ensures you don’t end up at the wrong place or time.

2.) Take the Whole Day Off:

To fully enjoy your special day, take the entire day off from work. The closing process can vary in length, so dedicating the day to this occasion eliminates the need to rush through things.

3.) Bring Proper ID to Closing:

Always bring your identification when closing on a home. Make sure your ID matches the information on your closing disclosures, loan documents, applications, and other paperwork. Having the correct ID is essential for a smooth closing process.

4.) Do a Final Walk-Through:

Before the closing, do a final walk-through of the property. This allows you to ensure that the home you’re buying meets your expectations and there are no surprises.

5.) Reinspect the Property:

Consider reinspecting the property before closing, even if it incurs an additional cost. This step ensures that any requested repairs have been completed correctly, giving you peace of mind.

6.) Transfer Everything:

Prior to the closing, transfer essential services like power, water, gas, sewer, and cable to your new home. This way, you won’t have to go without these necessities in the first few days of moving in.

7.) Have the Right Funds:

Ensure you have the necessary funds for the closing. Confirm with your broker or insurance company how you will obtain the funds and clarify the attorney’s preferred payment method.

8.) Go Over the Numbers:

Before closing, review the numbers with your real estate agent. It’s important to double-check for any discrepancies or unexpected charges to avoid surprises during the closing.

9.) Rekey Your House:

Consider rekeying your home after moving in. While not mandatory, it’s a recommended step to ensure the security of your new home since you can’t be certain who has access to the keys.

10.) Leave Your Agent a Positive Review:

Finally, take a few minutes to leave your real estate agent a positive review. Agents greatly value these reviews, and they serve as a helpful resource for others looking for a reliable agent. Your kind gesture will be appreciated.

By following these do’s, you can be well-prepared for closing day and make the process smoother and less stressful. Congratulations on your new home and best wishes for a successful closing!

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