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Garth Brooks Tour Comes to the Lexington BBQ Festival 2022

Since the Lexington BBQ Festival had decided to take 2 years off from production, the great leaders of Davidson County and Lexington have been working on making sure the comeback of the festival has more than just the same crap as we do every year this time around. What better way to show the comeback from Covid than to have the Garth Brooks Comeback Tour come to Lexington!?

Garth Brooks Comeback Tour in Lexington NC

Yes, the Garth Brooks Comeback Tour will be in Davidson County for the BBQ Festival. No need for any opening acts, so you are going to have to find Ross Coppley, and Jason D Williams on one of those side street stages or maybe at Sam’s Car Wash concert stage. We are even hoping we can get Garth’s ball and chain, Trisha Yearwood, on one of the side stages if the Lily Brothers and Jim Quick and the Coastline band will cut down their playlist. 

The Lexington BBQ Festival has had some huge names in the past, including country music legends Travis Tritt and Pam Tillis (no clue who she is, but I hope you do). Oh, and even Taylor Swift covered Tim McGraw’s BBQ Stain song in 2006 because she didn’t have enough breakups to write about yet. 

How is the Garth Brooks Concert going to work?

Truth is, no one knows… Just get there early and wear extra deodorant. Garth Brooks’ tour to San Diego had 50,000 people in attendance, so little ole Uptown Lexington is about to crush that number. The Lexington BBQ Festival usually has 200,000 people walking the streets buying random junk they don’t need and furthering childhood obesity with all the deep-fried diabetes treats all the way down Main St.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to stand for 4 hours to hear “Momma Loves Poppa” while my kids are screaming they are tired and have to pee right when Garth gets on stage. 

How much are the ticket prices for Garth Brooks Stadium Tour?

Well, we ain’t gonna be in a stadium, and your high utility cost has to go to something, so this concert will be sponsored by our great friends over at Lexington Utilities. You can thank them by not switching over to gas as you’ve been threatening to do if they stop sending paper bills- if they can raise the rates they can afford to mail you your dang bill! 

When is the Garth Brooks concert at the Lexington BBQ Festival?

The Lexington BBQ Festival is going to be on Oct 22, 2022. The event planners have decided not to disclose the time of when Garth Brooks will be performing in hopes that visitors will just clog up Lexington Square all day. No special seating will be allowed, and for security reasons no strollers, large book bags, or merchandise will be allowed around the square of Lexington. If you have a problem, go find an event planner.

Changes to BBQ Festival for Garth Brooks.

Garth has also requested NO PORK BBQ only vegan BBQ due to Garth and Trisha Yearwood’s Vegan Diet

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