EDDM Route Lookup How To


Go to USPS site and click on EDDM  Online tool


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Type in Search Bar Zip Code, address, or however you want to search. For my example, I did 27295. The highlighted route corresponds to the route number on the left side so my route is 27295-R029 (THIS HAS TO BE EXACT). You can see the total number of cards and the cost per route on the same line being 669 total (hehe…) at a price of 133.80. You are going to be paying for this plus the cost of the postcards. 


If you click the table tab you can do your search for routes based on demographics. So if you need a small route to equal the number of cards purchased and not have leftovers this is a great way to search. 


*Note just submit the routes you plan on doing and the amount of cards* You can’t pay for the shipping without our login. 


In this example see how to input information on the Graphic Request Form. I picked my card and entered the whole route number including Zipcode. My brief description is my name and cell to go on the card (this depends on the card going out). Lastly, because my routes equaled to 1384 (See Image above), I had to choose the 2500 postcards. (Suggestion, I’d find a route or 2 more I’d want to cover.)