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4.1.21 – Breaking News Lexington Confederate Statue Has Been Replaced

Uptown Lexington has a new memorial. After lots of drama, lawsuits, and protests at the square of Lexington, Mantle Realty is excited to announce that the location of the confederate monument in Lexington now has a new tenant.

We have been in the works to have a statue that represents Davidson County and all of its Lexingtonians in a united way. After all, all of us that weren’t protesting were pissed off when we had to go around the block of the square to get to Walmart. 

Details of the Statue and New Ordinances from the City of Lexington 

Mantle Realty is proud to present the Dale Earnhardt Statue. Please be considerate when driving past the new monument. Instead of a moment of silence, the city of Lexington has passed an ordinance that we should pay our respects to the man in black by throwing 3 fingers out the window and yelling, “Dale Yeah” or “3 for Dale.” 

If the new ordinance is not followed a 50.00 fine could be given. All proceeds of the fines will be split between the daughters of the confederacy scholarship program and the RCR Silver Spoon Driver Development Program.  So you might wonder why didn’t this money go to the city instead? Well, they make enough off of your utility bills and new inspection process. They decided to give back. 

Dale Yeah the Intimidator lives on!

We know that Dale Earnhardt, Sr doesn’t replace the confederate soldier but let’s be honest, it’s pretty close. 

So your next question is “Where’s the 3 car?!” (Probably in 20th or one lap down.) Well, we couldn’t get sponsorship money from Wrangler due to their ties to Greensboro. Nor could we get Goodwrench since GM decided to kill the name after they received that government bailout… So we decided the best way to represent, would be to have the Intimidator riding on a pig.

What screams Lexington more than our pigs. 

If you’ve been living under a rock for a while, there’s a lot of Pigs in the CIty. Part of the partnership agreement with the city of Lexington, RCR, and the Children of the Confederacy was to not piss anyone else off. 

So we have agreed to release the pig that posed for the statue to be taken to a no-kill farm. Our pig, Snoop Hoggy Hog will be living high on the …wait nevermind. All you treehugger PETA people can go kick rocks now. 

So please make sure you go by before all the amazing events in downtown Lexington, throw up your 3’s, and give ‘em a Dale Yeah. 

We were going to try to have a special ribbon cutting with RCR members, but they are too busy slamming White Claws and playing basketball. Sorry guys. 

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