New Covid 19 Retail Access Limitations From Roy Cooper Q& A 

Questions and Answers for the new retail access limitations for North Carolina retail stores

 Who all is effected and what are the rules?

To fight the spread of Covid-19, a new executive order by Governor Roy Cooper has been signed. Retailers, pharmacies and other businesses will have to limit entry so that occupancy can’t be more than 20% of their fire-code capacity, or above 5 customers per 1,000 square feet .

How many people will be able to fit in a Walmart or Lowe’s?


Per the report on marketrealist the average size for a Lowe’s hardware store is 112,000 sqft. This would make the formula work out to 560 people. Every store will be different. Wallst 24/7 mentions that the average Wal-mart superstore is 179,000 sqft. This is 895 shoppers allowed in the average store. 

Bonus info.. the average grocery store is 35-40 thousand sqft. So around 200 shoppers for these.

When does this go in effect & how long will it be in place?

Per the press conference, Governor Cooper has put a start date of Monday April 13th at 5. The ordinance will last for 30 days. 


What else is part of the Covid-19 retail ordinance?


Retailers will also have to mark out 6 feet of spacing in cashier lines and high-traffic areas.


What to do differently?

Retail stores have been extremely busy as of late. So here’s a list of suggestions from the Mantle team.

  • Plan your meals ahead

If you plan your meals ahead, it will help fight the Covid-19, 15. Yes the Covid-19 15 is just like the freshman 15.  Planning your meals will take the stress out of the week and cut down on the trips to the store.

  • Do pickup orders

Most stores have pickup and some have delivery. Here’s a quick link to a few stores:

Grocery Stores Pickup Links

Hardware Stores

Be thoughtful on timing

Planning trips on off peak times could help the wait time. If not, the doorman at Walmart might need a bigger tip than the bouncer at the club. Don’t worry no dresscode required. 😉 (Ok don’t take it too far.)  If there are more orders from Governor Roy Cooper for Covid-19, we will try to blog more helpful tips.

So in parting you might be wondering, why the heck is Mantle Realty making a blog post about this. It has nothing to do with selling homes or real estate? The answer, Mantle doesn’t believe in just helping the community by helping out with buying or selling homes. Mantle believes that if the opportunity to help is there, Mantle will help.  Check out some of the other opportunities to help in our blogs

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Cooper order limits access to retail stores amid coronavirus crisis in NC