Contract to Close Quiz

When submitting an offer what should you attach in the email to the listing agent?
Who is the DD check written to?
What do you do with DD Check?
When is Initial Earnest money due?
When is Additional Earnest money due?
Who is the Earnest Money check written to?
Who needs a copy of receipt of monies?
Who orders the appraisal?
What options does the buyer have if the appraisal value is below their offer?
Where can you find recommendations for home inspectors, plumbers, electricians etc?
When do any agreed-upon repairs need to be completed?
If the seller is giving the buyer money instead of doing repairs what form(s) could be used?
If a buyer walks away before the end of DD, what money do they lose?
If a buyer walks away after the end of DD, what money do they lose?
What do you do if the buyer wants to terminate?
After a closing what information needs to be updated in Real Geeks?