Christmas Story Leg Lamp

Why Does Mantle Realty have a Christmas Story Leg Lamp

The Story Behind The Mantle Christmas Story Leg Lamp

Why the hell does Mantle realty have a full-sized Christmas Story leg lamp? Well first of all if you found this page, congrats. You are extremely bored, about as bored as I was when I decided to make this page. So back to the question of why have a leg lamp? To get started if you have ever been around our broker in charger/owner Dustin Owens very much you will understand that he is the real-life Grinch. 

Dustin smells like the Grinch, looks like the Grinch ( tall, sorta hairy, and has a belly on him). Don’t tell him we said that he gets grumpy, oh wait that’s another way! He also has a lot of random junk. I don’t know if you realize this but if you have ever asked Dustin…”Hey do you happen to have a minibus I can borrow.” Welp your in luck. In addition to the full sized Christmas Story Leg lamp, he has the Wizard of OZ small lamp in the office. In the basement there’s the leg lamp beer mug, and even a leg lamp shot glass. 

So are you asking yourself what’s this got to do with the Leg Lamp!? Well, I’m getting there! So Mantle Realty tries to allow everyone to be themselves all the time. There’s not even a dress code at Mantle Realty (sometimes Dustin needs one). This allows our clients to be comfortable when they come into the office. We have a basketball goal, a slide off the back deck, and toys for kids to ride on in the back. 
Mantle believes that we are all family around here. You are comfortable around family. So be comfortable with us. The Leg lamp represents this for us. We first saw the Christmas Story Leg Lamp as a way to get a smile during the Christmas season. Instead of the glow of electric sex gleaming in the window.

We might not be Italian, but we know that real estate transactions can be a Fra-gee-lay. Mantle will be open and honest with you is part of the Mantle DNA. We will make sure you don’t shoot your eye out during your real estate transaction. See what I did there..;) If you are in the mood of buying a new home for Christmas. We’ve got ya covered. You can search on our website of mobile app.

If you have been humored by this page subscribe to our blog. There’s always some crazy post on there. Sometimes it’s about real estate, sometimes it’s about leg lamps.  But we are sure you will usually get a laugh or a at least a glimpse into the Mantle Mafia and how we do life

Christmas Story Leg Lamp
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