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Community of Lexington, NC


The majority of our agents are long time members of the Davidson County, but we also have several DC converts. As one of those families, we chose this area for the phenomenal schools and property taxes. Little did we know, that this community would find a place in our hearts and what a privilege it would be to live in a Community That Cares Davidson County.

Why We’re The Best:

What do we have that the other counties don’t? Drive-ins, Holiday Parades, Prom Projects, and most importantly, small businesses that show up in big ways. For the Easter Parade, the local businesses rained favors and food down on the community. Residents enjoyed hot dogs, ice cream, balloons, floats, and (saved the best for last) candy.


When we hosted The Mantle Realty Prom Project, hundreds of locals donated their dresses and even volunteered their time. Stoner Thomas donated around 100 dresses from their drive, Belk in Lexington donated our garment bags, and we had other major refreshment and supply donations from Movement Mortgage, MoJoe Coffee House, Ferguson Plumbing Supply in Winston-Salem, and the American Children’s Home.

Our Community:

We live in a community that has an overwhelming amount of school spirit. You’ll find local businesses feeding the school athletic teams, donating food for college fairs, and hosting teacher appreciation events. After a very rainy week, Sides Seeding hovered a helicopter over the North Davidson High football field, to speed dry the field and ensure the Black Knights could play.


So, if you are looking for an abundance of commmunity events and local businesses that truly care, Davidson County may be the place for you. We pull over for funeral processions, wave as we drive past neighbors, and hold doors open for strangers at Sheetz. We are close to all the city amenities, but far away enough to see the stars at night. If you are looking to be a part of this community that cares, give us a call.