100 NEW Cases

100 New Cases?!

Wow 100 New Cases, I bet you are looking for a web page based on how many COVID-19 cases are in the area. Welp you aren’t going to find that here. Mantle Realty has nothing to do 100 new cases of anything but the one thing we know how to do is advertise. We aren’t afraid to think outside the box and even advertise with the number 100. Shocker, huh?

You know what is 100, we are 100 percent sure you should use us to help you buy or sell your home. Heck I am a dad I can keep going with these 100 lines. How about if we aren’t 100 percent sure about a question we will find out for you. In case you aren’t from around these parts, (yep I am a redneck from North Carolina) we can help you buy or sell anywhere in United States.

So yes this is a shameless plug for our real estate company but at the same time it’s a way to show that we are good at what we do and we aren’t just another real estate company in North Carolina.  We think that we are pretty cool too, like old dude cool, not TikTok cool. Well we try. If you want to help us out feel free to give us a tiktok follow. If you are looking for an awesome real estate company or just someone that thinks outside of the box feel free to follow our blog.

If you happen to be in the market for a new home or selling your home we can help you out anywhere in the United States.  In the meantime, enjoy your search for 100 cases of whatever you want.  Start your home search today

100 new cases
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