How to Fax within Mantle Realty


Login to My.Phone.Com login information is always changing so please uses the password link on the agent resources page to get the most up to date password.

  Find the tab on the sidebar. Side note make sure the Ext is 500. This verifies that the fax will go out from the correct number.

Select send new fax. In the As: Section pick the correct phone number you would like the fax to come from. All three office lines are available to fax from. These numbers are not set up to receive a fax. 

Mantle’s Receiving Fax Number

Mantle has one fax number it is (336) 962-5699. Want to know why we only have one number? Because my name isn’t Fred Flintstone and we don’t live in the stone age. If you are expecting a fax please contact Dustin to know you are expecting it. Also, ask the party next time to just send the document with a pigeon or some.

Questions and answer on Faxing with

Are there any attachment limitations?

You can send up to 200 pages as long as they are under 10MB in size spread across no more than 5 attachments per fax.

Can faxes be sent concurrently?

Yes, you can send multiple faxes concurrently, meaning they will arrive according to their size, this way a large fax will not block any other faxes sent after it.

Fax status

After sending out a fax message you will notice a status appears next to it when listed under the Sent Tab. This is to provide you with information in case the fax fails to be received. Fax messages have 3 statuses, In ProgressFailed, and Sent.