BBQ Benefit

Cheryl Lupton Event

Order the famous Mantle realty boston Butt

So some of you may know that the Mantle Family is a tight knit community. 

We have decided to raise money for one of our own. Cheryl Lupton is the wife of Eric Lupton. We have attached the backstory of her battle with cancer. 

We will be selling Boston Butts, the reason behind this is this has strong roots with Eric being in the BBQ business, and Mantle’s tradition of giving Boston Butts to clients each year. 

Mantle has never sold a butt but we figured now is a great time.


Pickup Times : 4:30-7:00 on 2/26/21

Location: Mantle Realty Welcome
7224 Old U.S. HWY 52 Lexington, NC
Renaissance Road Church 5114 Harvey Rd, Jamestown

Price 45.00 prepaid only

Includes: Boston Butt, Buns, Dip, Slaw

Last date to order 2/23/2021

Cheryl’s Story


My name is Cheryl Lupton and on December 7th 2020 my life was turned upside down. I started to experience stroke like symptoms and was rushed into emergency surgery. After surgery I had lost the movement in my right leg and my right arm and had excruciating pain in several areas on my body. I remained hospitalized until December 29th and was ultimately diagnosed with stage 4 Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer that has now metastasized.  I had my first Chemotherapy treatment and had a horrible reaction that landed me back in the hospital dehydrated , confused and in need of a blood transfusion. After the blood transfusion and IV treatment, they were able to get the pain to a manageable level and allow me to return to the comfort of my home. With the support of my husband we are continuing to look at all options for treatment and continue to try to manage the pain.

My husband Eric , has been forced to reduce work during this time to care for myself and my parents who are dependent upon us. My father suffered and deals with complications from a stroke that have left him unable to walk and my mother is in the early stages of dementia.

I am usually the one to offer support to those in needs but have now found myself in the opposite position. Thank you for reading my story and appreciate your assistance.

A little about Cheryl (written by her husband):

Cheryl is a wife and business owner with a passion for animals. Cheryl and I have been happily married for 33 years. While we were unable to have children of our own, we are heavily involved in the lives of our many nieces and nephews and treat them as our own. Cheryl is a huge animal lover and has always opened her home to animals in need. It is not uncommon to hear people say ” If I get the chance to reincarnate back to earth, I hope it is as one of Cheryl’s animals”.

Cheryl has been running her own photography business for the last 27 years and specialized in working with children. Cheryl always brought out the best in each person she photographed capturing their personalities beautifully. Cheryl’s business was just beginning to pick up again after the COVID-19 Pandemic when all of this happened.

Cheryl is strong-willed, loves fearlessly, and won’t give up without a fight. She is always the first one there to reach out a helping hand or to lend an ear to anyone who needed it. This time has been exceptionally hard on Cheryl and her family and all your prayers and support are welcomed with open arms, are gratefully appreciated, and will never be forgotten. Check out the gofundme progress too.

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